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Qendra Kryesore E Biznesit Ne Shqiperi.


These are the main activities that has organized or will organize Albanian Confindustria. For more information about the activities you can click the title or contact us.  

ActivitiesOrganized by
Workshop: Primainnova srl. Innovative platform elementsKonfindustria Shqiptare dhe Primannova srl
Certification ActivityKonfindustria Shqiptare, Institutu i Certifikimit CDQ
Demo Workshop: Multiceramics and Nano technology in construction JON shpk, MJ GOLD SA, Konfindustria Shqiptare ne Universitetin EPOKA
Technical Seminar: CHALLENGES OF USE RENEWABLE ENERGY FROM BIOMASS IN ALBANIA Albanian Konfindustria and Politechnic University of Tiranq
Forum: ‘Without entrepreneurship there’s not work neither growth’ Konfindustria Pesaro
COOPERATION AGREEMENT MOLISANA delle Associazione dei Servizi Imprese, KISH
Project partnership with Balkan Countries Koblenz Chamber , Germany, Albanian Confindustria and the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
ELISAA Steering committee and the technical visit to the Münzer Biofuel plant in Vienna P01 Giovanni Lagioia UNIBA-University of Bari Aldo Moro (IT)
P01 Teodoro Gallucci UNIBA-University of Bari Aldo Moro (IT)
ADRIATIC-EXPO ITALIA ALBANIA Fair Konfindustria Shqiptare, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship, Leader Eventi.
Welcome to the world of Nano Technology, Workshop Aplication of eNano Technology in Construction Konfindustria Shqiptare, JON shpk, JC in collaboration with EPOKA University
Italian investors interested in HEC et Konfindustria Shqiptare
Business opportunities in Albania Konfindustria Shqiptare, Biznes Albania, API Molisa, Associazione dela Piccola e Media Industria, ACEM Associazione Construttori Edili e Complementari del Molise, AMIES Associazione Molisana delle Imprese Edili e del Servici
Meeting with Deputy Minister of Economy and representatives of Italian business Konfindustria Shqiptare, branch in Piemonte Itali
Konfindustria Shqiptare with ASS Industria Piemonte, Itali Konfindustria Shqiptare, Honor President of Konfindustrise Shqiptare in Piemonte, Itali
B2B Balkan expo Konfindustria Shqiptare in collaboration with: Italian Partners,UNIONCAMERE/Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato Agricoltura di Foggia, Unioncamere Molise, CCIAA di Chieti, CCIAA di Matera

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