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Qendra Kryesore E Biznesit Ne Shqiperi.


Parts of the Statute : Term 4

The association and the disassociation conditions from Konfindustria Shqiptare

1.1 Any federation, association and juridical person registered in the commercial register of the Tirana Court that exercise their production and services activity, but also exercise other activities as determined at 1.3 term 1, has the right to be member of Konfindustria Shqiptare.

1.2 The members of Konfindustria Shqiptare should accept the statute and the regulation that are approved and deposited at Tirana Court, but also to pay the determined quotas.

1.3. The members of Konfindustria Shqiptare can be members of other associations or different groups, but the rules of these different associations should not be in contrast to the statute of Konfindustria Shqiptare and their activity should be conform to the principles and norms of Konfindustria Shqiptare.

1.4. The right of membership cannot be given to others and those members that are expelled or expelled with their own will, do not have the right to use the core capital of the association.

1.5. Any member of the association has the right to elect and to be elected in the principal body, discuss and to contrast also in judicial way any decision taken by the elected body.

1.6. The member loose the membership in the moment he gives his resignation, when he doesn’t pay the membership quotas, when is condemned by a court decision or when it is verified that he has violated fiscal rules.

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