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Dear members, We would inform that we have already added a new service:

1.Registration, protection, licensing, investigation of Intellectual Property Rights (Patents of Inventions, Trade marks, Well-known trademarks, national and International copyright, and all IP matters. Contact: MSC/LLM.Albana Laknori; Phone: +355696334678; Fax: +35542235726

2. Consulting Service: How to do business in the EU? How to export to the EU? Customs rules. European markets, technologies, supply-demand of European products. European standards and certifications. Renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass, hydro) Green Certificates.

3. Consulting for Insurance ( TPL,Third Party Liability, all risks, bond and guarantees) all free of charge.

4. Consulting in certification: - Certificate of Qualities and Services with International Standards. - Certificate in Environment System: ISO 14000 - Certificate in Quality System: ISO 9001-2008 - Certificate in Quality Systems of Anticraft Productions - Certificate in Quality Systems of Territorial Origin DOT - Personal Certification with Social Responsibility ISO 8000 ETICA - Certification with CE mark - Certificate HACCP in Agriculture Productions For Albanian Confindustria Members a discount in the service tariffs shall be offered.

Contact: Albanian Confindustry Street: Ismail Qemali, Ap. Fratari, nr 30 Tirane. Tel: 00355 4 2272290;Mobil: 0035682021894; E mail:

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ITALY - TORINO Konfindustria of Albania already has its office in Italy. The city of Turin is the place where it Confindustry will develop its activities in the Italian state.

Inauguration of the office was made in Turin, under the participation of many local authorities, Italian, Albanian authorities are present in Turin and the presence of president of the Albanian Konfindrustry office Firera Giovanni. There is also present in the inauguration itself Albanian Konfindustry President, Ing. Hajredin Fratari.



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Piemonte delegation meeting with the Prime Minister Berisha

Our neighbor  across the Ad...

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TIRANA - Albanian Confindustry and the Agrobusiness Council of Albania, the Albanian Parliament seeking approval of the Law on integrated waste management, which was opposed by the opposition and returned for reconsideration by the President of the Republic.

They called a law that is of interest to business development in our country, employment growth, environmental protection and the environmentPresident of the Agrobusiness Council of Albania, Enver Ferizaj, said: "Albanian Confindustry and Agrobusiness Council of Albania  as two of the institutions that represent business in the field of agro-processing...learn more



Albanian Confindustry  as a  member of Balkan Organisation of Small and Middle Entrepreneurs is partner in project: Partnership of Koblenz Chamber of Crafts and West Balkan. For more information  visit web site: