Welcome in direct connection with your central insitution of business in Albania


The Albanian Confindustria, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economical Development, Commerce and Enterprise, organizes the Fair of Food & Fashion Adriatic Expo, that will take place on 25, 26, 27 July 2014.

The first pursuit dedicated to the Italian excellence in the departments of food and drinks, fashion, restaurants, SPA centers, hotels , as well as other divisions as design and construction etc.

Three important days for whoever operates in these sections, with concrete initiatives which will enrich the participation in this activity.

The event will take place in the halls of Hotel Tirana International, where the Albanian Confindustria, with the support of the Ministry of Economical Development, Trade and Enterprise and in collaboration with its branches in Italy (Puglia) will offer to the Italian companies the possibility of being well introduced in the marketplace, through exhibition areas and B2B meetings with a strong impact in a prestigious environment.

Workshops of technical thematic will also be an important part of the activity. There will be discussions of how it can be invested in Albania as well as other clarifications regarding fiscal topics for Italian companies interested in the delocalization of its structures. The presence of the Albanian Government is ensured for all the workshops.

For more information, visit : www.adriaticexpo.it