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Meeting with Deputy Minister of Economy and representatives of Italian business

Albania is currently seen as the best alternative in Italian investments.

Such a fact is confirmed by the Italian business representatives during a meeting they held yesterday with Deputy Minister of Economy, Brunilda Paskali.
“Following the recent turmoil in our traditional markets (Tunisia, Egypt, etc..), Italian investments have faced difficulties, seeing as the best alternative, its neighboring country, Albania” – is exactly expressed during the meeting, President Konfindustrias Honor in Italy, Giovanni Firera. Adding that Albania is seen with such a look of Italian businessmen, also because of its geographical position.
And by combining these two such as importants elements for private enterprise, Firera said that our country is seen as very attractive for investment by the Italian. Among others, he did not mention the fact that Albania shows a special hospitality and friendship, a factor that adds to convince them that Italian entrepreneurs to take the initiative to invest in our country.Associated with such a fact, Firera said that about 30 businesses from Sicily and Piemonte region have shown interest to invest in Albania. Specifically, according to him, it comes to investments they expect to take in areas such as construction, renewable energy, agriculture or in the pharmaceutical.
For his part, Deputy Minister of Economy, Brunilda Paskali said that such ventures from the neighboring country, to our country, are welcome. Expressing satisfaction that the Italian side interests appeared to touch almost all areas of investments in the economy, he also cited the fact that such enterprises enjoy the support of the Albanian party and our government in particular.

In general, according to him, the reforms of Albanian government in terms of business climate, in terms of attracting foreign investors, but also other reforms dealing with the structure of the Albanian economy are precisely those appropriate for the approach Albania towards European Union “. “The reforms undertaken in reforming the economy, called structural reforms, but also that of taxation, have enabled the Albanian economy to successfully withstand global economic crisis, and enable the achievement of record numbers, thanks to the contribution Italian investors “, – Paskali suggested. Adding that “Albania offers many opportunities and tremendous potential to invest in the oil, gas, tourism, pharmaceutics, etc.”. This, according to Deputy Minister of Economy, not only because of the flexibility of its labor market, not just for the sake of the fiscal regime of the lowest in the world, but also for all kinds of infrastructure vulnerable to government Albania offers to help domestic and foreign investors.
In the end the vice. Minister Paskali presented the latest initiative of the Albanian Government Incentives in Fason Industries.
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